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           Shanghai Toko Electronic Element Co., Ltd. (Foreign Joint Venture), providing a wide range of hi-quality electronic components for the domestic and international communication and information markets.
            Shanghai Toko established in June 23, 1994, has the registered capital of 310 million yen, building area of 31,000 square meters,  network analyzer, IM tester, ROHS tester and other testing equipment 19 sets. More tens testing machines such as: temperature and humidity testing machine, high -low temperature testing machine, tensile testing machine, endurance testing machine. TDC also got unleaded automatic soldering machines, automatic bending machines, automatic wire stripping machine.
            The company employs more than 60 people, have connectors assembly, cables assembly, RF products   workshop. Shanghai Toko is subsidiary corporation of Toko Denshi Co., ltd in Japan, Shanghai Toko also has Associated companies-Hefei Toko Technology Co.,ltd. Shanghai Toko Electronic Element Co., Ltd. original address is Shanghai Jiading District No. 136 Pengfeng Rd Malu Town. In October 2013 the plant relocated and moved to the town of Huating #7035 Liuxiang Highway. The Associated companies has new products RD ,  Machining workshops and Assembly workshop.
      The company has been gradually improving a variety of strict management system, on September 18, 2001 for the first time to obtain a certificate of quality management system certification, has been updated to ISO9001-2008; on October 21, 2003 for the first time to obtain environmental management system certified certificate, has updated ISO14001-2004. Company in 2000, in 2001 was awarded the National Foreign Investment "Double Excellence" enterprise and city "advanced foreign enterprise" glorious title.
           Currently, the companys business scope has broadened to satellite communications, mobile communications, microwave communications, optical communications, automaticity control, and other fields, producing and sale RF passive components  with international standard series such as, high frequency coaxial connectors, adapters, attenuators, terminators, mixers , splitters, filters and surge arresters, and cable assemblies, and related products, the products are exported to Japan, Australia, the United States.
           Wide acclaim reputation from the rigorous work style, high quality products, excellent service quality and consistent service commitment. The companys development and success is based on mutual trust between customers and close cooperation with suppliers and win-win cooperation concept runs through our daily business dealings.
            Now we have more than 100 domestic customers, more than 30 suppliers have gotten our audit qualified. We have belief, also has the ability of the companys line of business commitment: TDC can.
            Sustainable development with five trusts guide Shanghai Toko, always put the customer as a reliable friend and development together. With the information process of the global economy, the world will more closely link, transmission of information is particularly important. All this will grow in Shanghai Toko brought boundless vitality and vigor.


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